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Potter Otter Tea Party

Potter Otter Tea Party

Published: 11 July 2017

On Saturday 8th July, the Moorland Garden Hotel hosted its first themed afternoon tea to celebrate the arrival of Potter Otter as part of the Moor Otters trail.

Muggles young and old arrived dressed in all manner of wizardly hats and capes, alongside a very cute little Dobby, were treated to an arrrival through a 'magic' door, and greeted by staff adorning the infamous scar. 

The team at the hotel had created quite a transformation, featuring half spiders on the floor and messages on the mirrors! Having been sorted into their respective houses, guests were led into the dining hall for the afternoon, and further treated to a candle-lit 'dining hall' with floating candles, house penants, flying keys and an amazing almost life-like smoke-billowing goblet of fire. 

Every diner received a glass of our specially-brewed ButteryBeer - an acquired taste for sure, that took our Food and Beverage Manager a number of weeks to perfect the potion.  Hand-crafted chocolates in the shape of frogs and chocolate wands adorned the tables, alongside bowls of jelly beans.  

The menu itself proved an exciting challenge for the Chef team who toiled into the long nights developing such treats as golden snitch macarons as well as Hagrid's rock cakes, scones, treacle tart and a feast of sandwiches.

Without a doubt, the children in the parties were fully immersed in the magic.  The inspiration for the event was of course our very own Potter Otter; a Harry Potter-painted ceramic otter, part of the Dartmoor Moor Otters initiative, and our special guest for the day.

Judging from the 5 star feedback received on Facebook and Trip Advisor, everyone enjoyed the day, especially the staff!

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Our next event will be on Saturday 2nd September at 3pm.