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It's hot in the kitchen!!

It's hot in the kitchen!!

Published: 21 June 2018

We doubt it's escaped anyone's attention, that it's the hottest June since the heatwave of 1976! (There's only a few of us staff that can remember that!) We asked our amazing chef team and front of house staff how they are coping in these incredible temperatures, still serving up amazing food in temperatures well above 36 degrees.

All of our chefs agreed, that if you can't stand the heat, get out of the this industry, heat, high temperatures and a facial tan from a grill are par for the course. 

The chef team have noticed a change in eating habits, and more and more diners are opting for smaller meals, fish, anything cold or salad-based. Which is just as well we have salads and light lunches on the new summer menu then! Our award-winning Devon cream tea is flying out the door as guests scramble for the best seats in the house - well the gardens actually - under the shade of our generous sun parasols.

Lucy from our breakfast team is amazed that guests still want a full English in this weather, so this morning she laid up the tables on the terrace for breakfast al-fresco, which proved a big hit with our guests.

Naturally our fridges and freezers are working really hard to keep food and drinks at the required temperatures, and out Dartmoor Bar still remains the 'coolest place to be' in the hotel. Potter Otter is still looking good too, no signs of distress reported!

Forty-five kilos of veg for our diners is currently being prepped by Matt, who looks forward to having to take items in and out of the chiller!

Marcus and Luke our pastry chefs agreed that this weather plays havoc with their raw materials; creams and cheeses all struggle in the heat and are harder to work with. The scones thankfully are holding up well! The pastry chefs have, what has to be described as the 'coolest' part of the kitchen, but even that is being put to the test today. Marcus and Luke have to work fast to make sure the desserts don't melt or collapse, and the front of house team have to get their skates on getting the dishes out to the guests as quickly as they can.

Spare a though for our pot-wash lad 'Smiler' - with his hands permanently plunged in hot water, he doesn't know what the real temperature is, but as his nickname suggests, he gets on with it with a grin.

Everyone of our team is knocking back the H20 like it's going out of fashion, and guests are served jugs of ice water alongside their meals.

We salute our chef team and front of house staff for their efforts, it's hot, it's hard and they carry on with smiles on their faces!

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