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A is for ...

A is for ...

Published: 13 August 2019

Artisan Trail

The Dartmoor Artisan Trail links Dartmoor's finest artists and craftspeople. You can see them work, book a demonstration or have a go in one of the mini-workshops. Each person can set up their own trail by contacting artisans direct, see details of each below.

The Green Wood Furniture Maker

The Blacksmith

The Ethical Shoemaker

The Cider Maker

The Gilder

The Willow Artist

The Landscape Painter

The Upholsterer

The Felt Maker

The Textile Designer

The Woodworker

The Basket Maker

The Woodturner

The Printmaker

The Leather Worker

The Ecological Farmer

The Hide Tanner

The Potter

The Jewellery Maker

The Travelling Artist

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Laura Braithwaite

Written By : Laura Braithwaite